The History of The House

This page will be updated as we find out more about this charming property
and the history it has known

We believe that La Peyruge dates originally from the 16th century. Typical of small country cottages of the time, the accommodation comprised of 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom on a single floor. The original length ran from the living room window to the kitchen wall. There would have been a loft upstairs which would have been used for hay or feed storage, and a stable which was located behind the current barn.


“We bought the house as an opportunity for family and friends to experience the joy and discovery of this region of France.”

Before the 2nd World War, the property was occupied by a farmer and his wife. The farmer passed away leaving his wife alone in the property. When she died in 1938, the property and land were sold, with the buyer only being interested in the land.


A gradual process of decay continued over the years with one corner of the property eventually collapsing outwards along with part of the roof.

An English builder finally purchased the property in 2006 and over 10 years restored and extended the house to its current layout. An extension was added to the ground floor and the roof line raised to provide further living space on the first floor. He also added the barn.

We bought the property in 2016 and have worked to improve the land, largely amounting to clearing rocks and stones, cutting more of the meadow and clearing dead trees from the hedges.

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