The Wildlife at La Peyruge

Please be aware that La Peyruge is in a rural location and you might therefore have some wildlife visitors.


You’ll probably see bats on a regular basis in the evenings. On occasion we’ve known them to fly into the top floor of the house through the Velux window in the master bedroom.

Typically they make their own way out again. To date we’ve only seen Common Pipistrelle bats. These are harmless and perform a very valuable job in keeping insect levels down.






Cutest image of a bat we could find
Le Bambi?


From time to time we’ve seen deer in the field, and sometimes they’ve been brave enough to venture as close as the ‘patio’.

Praying Mantis

These fascinating creatures are completely harmless to humans and feed exclusively on insects.

Although their appearance may be a bit disturbing, mantises are uninterested in humans. You may see them in the meadow or on walls.

Insect or Alien?
Cute Butterfly

Moths & Butterflies

Both species are in abundance in the local countryside and we suspect that this is due to French farmers using less pesticides than their UK counterparts.


We’ve often seen small lizards on the outside walls, or in the garage.

Like the bats and praying mantises, they are completely harmless and help to keep the numbers of insects down.

Not Godzilla
If only they did look like this kids floss kit!


Yes, you’ll see some – sorry about that! 

However, working with the bats they are another useful tool in keeping the rural insect population in check and that’s a good thing right?  

…yea…we don’t like ’em either! 


Please be aware that we’ve seen a few snakes at the very edge of the long grass sunning themselves or at the edge of the wall dropping down from the patio/grass.

We’ve not been able to identify them as yet but I’d suggest that you give them a wide berth and don’t go walking in the long grass of the field. We’re told that there are similar types and numbers of snakes in this part of France than would be seen in rural England.

"Trusssst in meeee..."

We treasure the wildlife around La Peyruge.

Please treat them with respect.

Please note that using fly killer sprays outside could well poison bats, lizards and praying mantises.

A plug-in fly zapper is provided and this can be plugged in and placed on the outside table or windowsill if required..
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